As-built survey and data requirements

IDS part 12 details the technical requirements for the as-built horizontal infrastructure.

Use the Christchurch City Council IDS as-built template (CAT) to deliver electronic asset data to the Council, complying with the standards specified in:

IDS part 12 as-builts [PDF, 75 KB] and the supporting Survey as-built guideline (SAG) [PDF, 4.8 MB] and appendices:

A - Work Flow Chart for Survey As-Built

B - Design Drawing Examples

C - Points, Lines and Outlines Examples

Appendices D – H: Reticulation as-built requirements SAG Appendices as below:

D - Gravity Wastewater [PDF, 2 MB]

E - Gravity Stormwater Systems [PDF, 2.3 MB]

F - Wastewater Pressure System [PDF, 2.1 MB]

G - Water Supply [PDF, 1.4 MB]

H - Vacuum Wastewater System [PDF, 983 KB]

Council as-built template (CAT) - Reticulation [XLSX, 237 KB]

Appendix I As-built requirements for Stations [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Council as-built template (CAT) - Stations [XLSX, 117 KB]

Appendices J – P: Parks as-built requirements SAG Appendices as below:

- Parks Green Assets [PDF, 1.1 MB]

K - Parks Furniture [PDF, 1.8 MB]

L - Parks Hard Surfaces [PDF, 981 KB]

M - Parks Play Assets [PDF, 2.5 MB]

N - Parks Structures [PDF, 1.8 MB]

O - Parks Sports Assets [PDF, 876 KB]

P - Parks Utilities [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Parks data dictionary definitions [PDF, 215 KB] 

Council as-built template (CAT) – Parks [XLSX, 180 KB]

Appendix LD – As-built requirements for Land Drainage [PDF, 2.2 MB]

Council as-built template (CAT) – Land Drainage [XLSX, 51 KB]

For any Council asset that has been decommissioned, disposed or is temporarily out of service, we request staff and contractors populate the Disposal Sheet. This sheet replaces the ‘decom tabs’ which were available within the version 1.00 CAT sheets. This includes guideline and an example of a completed template.

Council Disposal Sheet [XLSX, 42 KB]

Examples of completed templates (CAT)