Start: Breezes Col, Godley Head.

Finish: Taylors Mistake car park. 

Access: From Sumner, head up Evans Pass Road. At the saddle turn left onto Godley Head Road. Travel approximately 4.5km east along the road to Breezes Col. You can ride up the Captain Thomas Track and then ride the Godley Head track to Breezes Col for extended off road action.

Signage: At the start there is a large orange arrow. None at the end, but an obvious finish into Taylors Mistake car park.

Description: The first section of the track is shared use before you reach the Anaconda track sign.

Well formed with smooth berms that let you corner at speed. Some sections twist and turn and require a decent amount of concentration. Look out for the 1-2 foot jumps off to the side of the track.

The down hill section ends near the intersection of the Godley Head Walkway. Take the traversing track above the Godley Head walking track into the Taylors Mistake car park.

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