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District Plan: Proposed plan change 5

Have your say on proposed amendments to the Christchurch District Plan.

Communities and neighborhoods survey

Communities and neighborhoods survey

The feeling of belonging to a community is fundamental to people's overall quality of life and sense of belonging. We want Christchurch to be a place full of strong communities, where everyone feels they have a place in the city's future.

Coatal pathway

Te Ara Ihutai Christchurch Coastal Pathway Moncks Bay

We’re making it safer and easier for people using the Coastal Pathway and Main Road to travel in Moncks Bay. To make these improvements we will need to make some changes to the street layout and we would like to hear your thoughts.


Little River playground renewal

It’s time to get some new equipment at the playground that’s safe and fun for a range of ages and abilities, as well as being easy to maintain.