The Creative Communities Scheme (CCS) provides funding to local communities so New Zealanders can be involved in local arts activities.

Apply for the Christchurch Creative Communities Scheme

Only fully completed applications submitted before the closing date will be processed.

For assistance please contact a Community Funding Adviser or email

logoThe scheme supports a wide range of arts projects under the following art forms:

  • craft/object arts
  • dance, inter-arts
  • literature
  • Māori arts
  • multi-art form (including film)
  • music
  • Pacific arts
  • theatre
  • visual arts.

2019/20 Round Two

Opens 30 January 2020 and closes 12 March 2020 (for projects commencing after 1 May 2020).

2020/21 Round One

Opens 13 July 2020 and closes 24 August 2020 (for projects commencing after 1 November 2020).

There are no exceptions to the closing dates.  

Your application will go to an assessment committee of people from the Christchurch area. They are appointed for their knowledge and experience of the arts and local communities.

You will be notified of the outcome of your request within three months of the fund closing.

To get funding through CCS your arts project must do at least one of the following:


  • Create opportunities for local communities to engage with and participate in local arts activities.


  • Support diverse artistic cultural traditions of local communities.

Young people

  • Enable young people (under 18 years of age) to engage with, and participate in the arts.

Your project must also:

  • take place within Christchurch and benefit local communities
  • be completed within 12 months of funding being approved
  • not have started or finished before CCS funding is approved
  • not have already been funded through Creative New Zealands other arts funding programmes.
  • Materials for arts activities or programmes
  • Venue or equipment hire
  • Personnel and administrative costs for short-term projects
  • Promotion and publicity of arts activities
  • Not already funded through Creative New Zealand's other arts funding programmes.
  • Fundraising activities
  • Developing galleries, marae, theatres or other venues or facilities
  • Local Council projects
  • Projects mainly focussed around other areas, e.g. health, education or the environment, which only have a small arts component
  • Arts projects in schools or other education instituitions that are normally funded through curriculium or operating budgets.
  • Ongoing administration or personnel costs that are not related to the specific project
  • Costs for projects already started or completed
  • Travel costs to attend performances or exhibitions in other areas
  • Food or refreshment costs
  • Buying equipment, such as computers, cameras, musical instruments, costumes, lights or uniforms
  • Entry fees for competitions, contests and exams
  • Prize money, awards and judges' fees for competitions
  • Royalties
  • Buying artwork for collections
  • Debt or interest on debt.

 Please be aware that all recipients of the Creative Communities Scheme are required to:

  1. Acknowledge the Creative Communities Scheme in any promotional material by using the scheme logo specific to your area.(external link)
  2. Acknowledge the assistance of the scheme verbally at event openings and performances.
  3. Complete  a project report at the end of the project. Reports are due within two months of the project being completed or when funds are spent. 

Future funding can be withheld if accountability requirements are not met