Request a copy of a property file from the Council if you are considering buying a property, applying for building consent or resource consent, or for insurance claim purposes.

The information contained within each property file varies.  A property file might include:

  • completed building permit & consent information
  • drainage plans relating to consented work
  • copies of plans and specifications
  • code compliance certificates
  • Project Information Memoranda (PIMs)
  • planning reports
  • resource consent decisions
  • associated documents
  • property inspection reports
  • historic land information memorandums (LIMs)

We cannot guarantee that the information you require will be included.

All Christchurch property files are held in off-site storage.

You can request a property file by using our online form, contacting Council on 03 941 8999, or visit a service centre.

You can pay by cash, eftpos or Visa/MasterCard when you order at one of our service centres.

There is no hard-copy viewing service available for residential property files.

Residential property files are provided by email via a link to the file.

For costs involved refer to our Regulatory and property information Fee Schedule.

Depending on the age of your property we may only hold electronic files.

The property files can be emailed directly to you via a link.

For costs involved refer to Regulatory and property information Fee Schedule.

Commercial property files include any non-residential properties such as sports clubs.

Due to the size of the files, commercial property files can be viewed in hard copy at Iron Mountain’s facility located at 311 Dakota Park, 3 George Bellew Road, Christchurch 8053. A booking/appointment will be made to view the property files within three days from receipt of your request, unless you specifically request a longer timeframe. Following your request you will be contacted to arrange a viewing day/time.

While viewing hard copy commercial property files you can request to have small numbers of documents/plans scanned or copied. If this service is requested it can take up to five working days for scanning/copying to be completed. The amount of copying and scanning varies with each request so refer to Regulatory and property information Fee Schedule to get an estimate of costs.

If hard copy viewing at Iron Mountain is not a viable option, you can request a quotation to have the entire commercial property file digitised. This process will not commence until the quotation is accepted by the customer.

Building consents started to be electronically processing from mid - 2011 and before this time it is likely they will be in a hard copy format.

To add information to a property file you can email with this information. Your information could include:

  • exemption completion or record of works report
  • property check report.

Third party building reports

Where the Council receives a third party report or letter about work done or not done on a building, this report is placed on the property file and can be viewed as part of the public record.

The Council accepts no liability for the contents of these reports, nor is it liable for any representations made within any report. These reports are not included in the LIM because the Council cannot verify the information in the report.

Please note that Detailed Engineer Evaluation (DEE) reports for commercial buildings to be added to property files should be sent to