LED road lighting upgrade


Street lights are being upgraded to LED.


On high volume roads across Christchurch


Between Now and December 2020


To maintain and improve efficiency of our road lighting network.


The contractor is Mike at Connetics Ltd during regular office hours Telephone: (03) 353 7346. Advise us if you have specific property access requirements e.g medical visits, home help, large vehicle deliveries, planned works.

Connetics has been contracted by the Christchurch City Council to replace existing street lights throughout the city. These will be upgraded to modern LED luminaires.


The new lighting has been designed to conform to the Australian/New Zealand Road Lighting Standard, AS/NZS1158 to provide “a lit environment conducive to the safe and comfortable movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic at night and discourage illegal acts”.


In some incidences lights will be brighter for several days until they are set to their design wattage through the network management system.

  • We won’t need to interrupt your household power supply while we complete this work.
  • We will not need to dig up your street.
  • The lights being installed do not operate on 5G or form part of a 5G network.



Please visit our website for more information and answers to frequently asked questions.ccc.govt.nz/ledstreetlighting



If you are not the owner of this property but are a tenant it would be appreciated if you would pass this leaflet on to the owner for their information.