Clifton Street - street lighting trial


We are installing three 2200K LEDs as part of the current street lighting trial.


To give residents of Birdlings Flat the opportunity to understand the effects of LED street lights as recommended by the International Dark Sky Association prior to making a final decision on the long term street lighting solution for Birdlings Flat


Clifton Street (refer map below)


16th May to 20th May 2022 (weather/site condition dependent).


Christchurch City Council: phone Andrew Cameron 03 941 5916 or email:


The Birdlings Flat street lighting trial will have reached half way in May so it is time for the three 2200K LED lights to be installed in Clifton Street. This will allow everyone the opportunity to see what the 2200K LED street Lights, as recommended by the International Dark Sky Association, will look like in the community.

Below shows the location of the three lights to be installed. The light shown with a yellow dot has a bowl glass which allows it to be seen at a distance making it more appropriate for lighting intersections.

The two lights shown in red will have flat glass minimising the light that will be seen from a distance. Both styles would be an option in the final design if the community choses to have street lighting.