Puriri Street - water mains replacement



Replacing old water mains and lateral connections along Puriri Street.


To future proof the water network for the area.


Puriri Street from Riccarton Road to the intersection of Totara Street, Riccarton.


Early August 2021 to late February 2022 (weather/site condition dependent).


The contractor is Downer NZ Limited. Phone 0800 026 420, Monday to Friday,7am to 6pm. Saturday to Sunday,10am to 3pm.


  • We’re replacing old water mains and lateral connections along Puriri Street.
  • Work will be carried out in stages along Puriri Street. The water supply main will be replaced in the road, the sub-mains and property connections will be completed in the footpath.
  • Traffic management will be installed to keep both road users and workers safe.
  • On road parking will be limited during the works.
  • During construction access to your property will be restricted at times. We’ll let you know before we begin this work so you can park your car on the road, outside of the work site. If you urgently require vehicle access to your property, for deliveries or home help etc, please speak to our friendly staff on-site and we can help manage this.