Cressy Terrace - tennis court renewal


We are undertaking a renewal of the Tennis Courts in in Cressy Terrace.


To renew the aged and earthquake-damaged tennis courts.


16 to 24 Cressy Terrace, Lyttelton.


21 June 2021 to late July 2021. Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm (weather/site condition dependent).


The contractor is HEB Construction Ltd. Phone 0800 432 226, Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm.


  • These renewal works will consist of the removal of top surface of the courts, repair of drainage and the underlying base course, with the top surface reinstated with asphalt. This will be followed by re-instating the court markings and new net installation.
  • The use of heavy machinery will produce some noise and dust, which will be kept as minimal as possible.
  • During closure times access for properties 0-18 Cressy Terrace will be via Brittan Terrace, 24-104 via Park Terrace.
  • As part of these works a crane will be situated within the closure on Cressy Terrace to move machinery/materials into/out of the courts. This will be removed Friday 5pm and will return Monday 7am to minimise impacts over the weekend. Whilst the crane is in operation there may be 10-minute periods with no pedestrian access through the site.