Latest news and works notices for the Sumner Lyttelton Corridor programme.

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Sumner Road update February 2018(external link)

Sumner Road update October 2017(external link)

Sumner Road update - June 2017(external link)

Sumner Road works notice - May 2017 [PDF, 645 KB]

Sumner Road works extend to Sundays and public holidays - (external link)March 2017(external link)

Rock blasting, Port Hills Fires tracks update -(external link)March 2017(external link)

Rock Blasting - (external link)February 2017(external link)

Security fencing - (external link)December 2016(external link)

Tsunami evacuees - (external link)November 2016(external link)

Sumner Road drone footage  -(external link)October 2016(external link)

Sumner Road Geotechnical risk mitigation work - (external link) September 2016(external link)

Deans Head  -(external link)August 2016(external link)

Sumner Road re-opening a step closer - (external link)June 2016(external link) 

Work underway on four more Corridor sites - (external link)April 2016(external link)

Bund decision following consultation - January 2016(external link)

Sumner Road works notices

Sumner Road night works start February 2018

Rock blasting on 23 February 2017 works notice [PDF, 211 KB] 

Sumner Road geotechnical risk mitigation works overview notice - 7 October 2016 [PDF, 1.5 MB]