We're introducing new bus locators at bus stops around the city to make it easier for you to find your bus as part of a wider project to improve the real-time information across the bus network.

The new bus locators are now in place and operating, but we're continuing to improve how they are working.

Bus locator

Improved accessibility

The new bus locators have been selected with accessibility in mind.

They are easier to see, hear and operate, and are being placed at an appropriate height for wheelchair users.

Improved usability

We'll be using satellite-fed data so that bus arrival times will be more accurate.

The upgrade also includes better journey planning tools including a new Metro mobile phone application.

On-street bus finders

On-street bus finders were first introduced more than 20 years ago, but many have not been well used since the increase in mobile phone, app and website use.

A number of bus stops will no longer have on-street bus finders, instead, they will rely on the web, static timetables and the new Metro mobile app. 

A variety of factors contributed to identifying stops that will no longer have bus finders. These include:

  • Customer value based on the total waiting time done by passengers over a day.
  • Busy bus stops such as at malls and hospitals.
  • Sites where bus routes intersect such as transfer stops.
  • Areas where customers might have less access to smartphones or cellphone coverage.

Funding these changes

This work is part of the real-time information project, a collaboration with Environment Canterbury, to improve the accuracy and accessibility of bus information. 

The bus locators at bus stops are funded and maintained by Christchurch City Council, and the information and data are funded and maintained by Environment Canterbury.

Project updates

To keep up to date with the real-time information project, please go to metro.co.nz/realtimeinfo(external link).