News: New Speed Limit for Marshland Rd

Last updated: 9 Nov 2020

Speed limit change approved by the Council at its 8 October 2020 meeting has been implemented on Marshland Rd.  

The previous 70 km/h speed limit on Marshland Road between Prestons Road and the railway crossing has now been changed to 60 km/h.

The Council’s register of speed limits and online speed limit map(external link) will be updated once the changes are complete these can be view on the speed limits(external link) page. More information on the approved speed limit changes can be found in the Council meeting minutes(external link). Further information on safe speeds is also available on the Council’s website(external link).

Please be aware of your surrounds and check for any changes to speed limits. 

These complete the earlier changes that were approved by the Council at its 12 September 2019(external link) meeting in the Marshland, Spencerville and Kainga area. 

Marshland Rd
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