This area covers Main Road from the intersection at McCormacks Bay Road in the west to 124 Main Road in the east.

Remediation work here has now got to a point where the shipping containers that had protected the road from hazards can be been removed.

Check out this time lapse of the container removal.

Now the containers are gone, temporary fences will be put in place to prevent people accessing the areas where there is still a risk from rockfall and cliff collapse, before permanent security fences are installed as the work is completed.

Once all the works here are complete, the road will return to its previous layout, improving safety for cyclists and drivers.

We are working closely with local iwi and minimise any disturbance to the caves.

Geohazard mitigation

Most of the road faces cliff collapse and rockfall risks. The cliff above the road is in a Class I mass movement area – this means it is at increased risk of landslide. Solutions for this area include rock deconstruction, benching and scaling.

Benching is cutting into the natural rock slope to create flat platforms within the rock. Benching is used to control rockfall on steep ground and cliffs as the platforms catch any rockfall from the rock cutting above. The benches can be created either with blasting or machinery. 

Rock scaling as part of the mitigation works at Moa Bone Point

Scaling is the physical removal of individual loose and unstable rock from rock slopes. Light scaling is done using hand tools such as a crow bar or pick. Heavy scaling is done using mechanical equipment such as air bags or jacks.

Fulton Hogan will be doing the work in this area. Works are underway on site and are expected to be completed by September 2016, weather permitting.

Updates and more information 

A work notice was issued to communities in the surrounding areas by Fulton Hogan. 

If you would like to receive email updates on the project, please email your name and address details to with the subject header ‘Slcorridor updates’.

We will also be keeping community and residents’ groups in the area informed of any developments on the project.