Bus at the Bus Interchange

Christchurch bus services and routes are managed and provided by Environment Canterbury (ECan), operating under the branding Metro.

The Metro network provides bus transport from most suburbs to the city, all shopping centres and a range of attractions around Christchurch. 

Plan your bus trip

Where would you like to go in Greater Christchurch? Use this Metro map to plan your journey.

Maps and timetables

View the network map or choose your bus route for up to date timetable information.

Travel and fare information

Taking the bus is both a relaxing and cheap way to get around town.


Metrocard is the cheaper and more convenient way to travel by bus.

The Bus Interchange - Whakawhitinga Pahi

The Bus Interchange is located on the corner of Lichfield and Colombo Streets.

Riccarton Road bus lounge and bus priority

Bus priority gives buses right of way over other vehicles when a road is heavily used.

Bus shelters

Report a problem with a Christchurch bus shelter.