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Maps providing information about the location of Christchurch City Council car parks, operating hours and costs.

Park Smart West End car park

42 Hereford Street, opposite the Christchurch City Council, is expected to open 1st April 2017.
680 spaces available. Access is off Cashel Street.

Innovation car park
Corner of Lichfield Street and Madras Street.
Approximately 350 spaces. Access is off Lichfield Street.

Crossing car park
The Crossing car park, 71 Lichfield Street is closing end of the day 5 April 2017 for a short time.

Art Gallery car park
Corner of Montreal Street and Gloucester Street.
$1 per half hour or part thereof.  110 spaces available, including 5 mobility.

Car park map

Park Smart

Plan where to park before you leave home and be prepared with the correct meter money in case free parking is full. 

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Minimum payment is $1, using coins or credit card.

Text to pay is not available in all car parks.

Our public parking facilities currently open:

Car park Address Spaces Rates and hours of operation
Crossing car park

71 Lichfield Street


Free parking 2 hours maximum: 9:00am to 8:15pm Mon to Sun.  
After hours release please ring Armourguard 03 379 8690.

Art Gallery car park 

Corner of Montreal Street and Gloucester Street 105

$1 per half hour or part thereof: 7am to midnight Mon to Sun.
After hours release please ring Armourguard 03 941 7304.

New Regent Street car park

204 Manchester Street, corner Manchester Street and Gloucester Street.


$1 per hour: 6am to 9pm Mon to Sun.
$2 flat rate: 9pm to 6am Mon to Sun.
There are some P180 restricted areas. 
No All-Day rate.

Eastern Lichfield car park

Area bounded by Lichfield Street, Manchester Street and Bedford Row.


$1 per hour or $5 All-Day: 6am to 6pm.
$3 flat rate: Nights and Weekends.
Metered parking only.  
Entry and exit off Lichfield Street.

Addington car park

36 Clarence Street South, next to Court Theatre. Entry off Bernard Street or Clarence Street South.


$2 per hour or $4 All-Day.
Metered parking only.

Worcester Street car park

105 Worcester Street


$2 per hour or $5 All-Day: 6am to 6pm Mon to Fri.
$2 flat rate: 6pm to 6am Mon to Fri.
$2 flat rate all day weekends.
Metered parking only.

Rolleston Avenue car park

Corner of Worcester Street and Rolleston Avenue


$3.10 per hour.
Metered parking only, no text park available.

Aldersgate car park

309 Durham Street, across the road from the District Court


$2 per hour or $8 All-Day.
Metered parking only.

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