The Council charges lease fees for the temporary use of legal road, such as when containers, skips, fences or hoardings need to occupy public roads and footpaths.

Leasing fees

The Council charges a leasing fee of $16.50/m2 per month for the Temporary Use of Legal Road (TUOLR). The fee is relevant to the temporary obstruction or removal of access to footpaths and/or carriageway.

Fees may be waived if you plan to enhance fences or hoardings with qualifying creative hoardings.

example of construction site hoardingApply for temporary use of legal road

  1. Complete Temporary use of legal road application form [PDF, 1.2 MB].
  2. Send completed application forms to
  3. We will process your application and confirm approval to proceed.
  4. We will invoice you of any fees applicable for the approved application.

Please allow 10 working days for the application to be processed.