We’ve upgraded Woolston Village and part of Ferry Road, making the village a safer and more attractive place to walk, bike and drive. We’ve renewed underground wastewater pipes at the same time to minimise disruption to the public.

Artists impression of Ferry Road looking south east

Artists impression of Ferry Road looking south east

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We’ve upgraded Woolston Village and part of Ferry Road from Portman Street to St Anne’s School. The upgrade enhances the look and feel of the village and including new trees and plants, new footpaths, additional street furniture and parking spots for cars and bikes.

We’ve also upgraded the wastewater pipeline under Ferry Road at the same time to reduce the impact on the public. The old underground pipes were almost 100 years old.

Work started in late July 2020 and is now complete. 

This upgrade makes the village a safer and more attractive place to walk, bike and drive, and is an important part of the Ferry Road Master Plan(external link).. 

Read our latest newsletter for more news on this project.(external link)

Contact us on 03 941 8999, 0800 800 169 or email woolstonvillage@ccc.govt.nz for more information. 

Our contractor Citycare will lead the Woolston Village upgrade

Woolston Village upgrade: Portman Street to St Anne’s School

Appointing a contractor

December 2019 to June 2020

In December, we invited construction companies to submit proposals to lead this work.  

We appointed Citycare Ltd as the lead contractor for the Woolston Village streetscape and sewer renewal works.

Meet the contractor

7 July 2020

We held a ‘Meet the contractor’ session at the Woolston Community Library (main hall) to introduce the project team to the local community.

Works start

20 July 2020

Citycare started work at the corner of St Johns Street, working down towards Maronan Street, replacing the wastewater pipes first, then reconstructing the road over the top.

Two-way traffic was maintained at all times during these works, and right turn restrictions was in place from side streets turning into Ferry Road. This section of work was expected to run until mid-October. 

New trees and plants, new footpaths, additional street furniture and car parking.

The village upgrade includes new footpaths and bike lanes, trees and plants, additional street furniture and new parking areas for cars and bikes.

A place for walking

  • Wider footpaths and improved crossing facilities in the village
  • Two signal-controlled crossings outside the community library and St Johns Church
  • Three upgraded crossings with pedestrian refuges and handrails
  • Upgraded street lighting

A place to park

  • 55 on-street car park spaces on this section of Ferry Road (this is a reduction from 69 existing car parks and an increase from 21 in the previous plan)
  • 32 off-street public car park spaces behind the library with improved pedestrian access and signage to direct vehicles 
  • Time-restricted parking to allow for higher turnover

Catching the bus

  • Two pairs of bus stops in the village located next to the two signal-controlled crossing points
  • Two new bus stops in central Woolston replace those at Portman Street 
  • The bus stop outside St Johns Church moved to 729 Ferry Road
  • The bus stops near the corner of Catherine Street moved slightly to the east
  • Passengers waiting for the bus outside the library can use the covered area, and we are proposing purpose-built shelters for all other stops

Going by bike

  • Wider cycle lanes through the village
  • Over 30 cycle parking stands spread throughout the village
  • The signal-controlled crossing outside St Johns Church allows people on bikes to cross safely to reach the church and school, and link the major cycle routes to the north and south.

Lower speed limit

The speed limit will be lowered to 30km/h on Ferry Road between Portman Street and St Anne’s School. This will:

  • help make the village safer for all road users and pedestrians
  • make drivers aware they are entering a village environment

We will also be lowering the speed limit to 40km/h on Catherine Street, Maronan Street, Oak Street, Heathcote Street, Glenroy Street and a section of St Johns Street.

Parking on Ferry Road is being removed to allow space for the new road layout and wastewater upgrade.

More free public parking is available in the upgraded Council parking facilities off Portman Street. While we're working on Portman Street, you can access the public parking from Ferry Road.

On-street parking is also available off Glenroy Street and there's a temporary walkway connecting Glenroy Street to the community library and Ferry Road shops.

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This is a Council project. We’ve appointed Citycare as the lead contractor on the Woolston Village upgrade works.


Parts of this work will be noisy. There will some noise coming from trucks, heavy machinery and workers along the road as we dig up the road and install the water pipeline and upgrade the road and surrounding village area.

We will provide plenty of notice around this at the time.


There will be no on-street parking along Ferry Road through Woolston Village from Portmans Street to St Anne’s School while this work is happening.

If you usually park on the road, we recommend parking down a nearby side street, such as Glenroy Street, or try the Council-owned car park off Portman Street. Check out our parking map(external link).

Bus stops 

Stop 15303 (outside St Johns Church) has been temporarily moved. The closest bus stop is now Stop 15744, on the other side of the Palinurus Road/Rutherford Street intersection, outside number 787 Ferry Road.

A temporary stop was initially trialled outside St Anne’s School, but cars kept parking in it. When reinstated, Stop 15303 will be outside 733B Ferry Road.

Stop 15582 (outside the Holy Smoke building) will remain where it is but is temporarily closed because there is no room for buses to stop next to our work site. The closest stop is now Stop 43418, outside number 682 Ferry Road.

Keep up to date with what’s going on

There’s a number of ways you can keep informed. You can sign up for a regular newsletter(external link) or check our website for updates. If you live in the area, we’ll also deliver regular updates and door-knock businesses and residents before work starts.

Replacing the sewer pipe under Ferry Road

We're using a technology called spiral lining to renew the wastewater pipes under some of the busiest section of Ferry Road. This is much less invasive than the traditional method of trenching (digging up the road) to replace the pipes.

We'll still need to trench some sections, but where possible, we'll line the pipes to minimise disruption to businesses and residents.

The wastewater pipes under this road have reached the end of their life and need to be replaced urgently. The road surface has also deteriorated and needs to be repaired.

Combining the two projects at this time means we can complete this important work quickly with minimal disruption for businesses and residents.

Supporting local businesses

We understand that parts of these works will be disruptive to local businesses and will be taking steps to make things as easy as possible.  Part of the project includes a campaign to encourage people to “shop local” and support their local businesses during the upgrade.

You may have seen our ‘Love Woolston, Shop Local’ advertisements and posters on social media, community newspapers and on billboards along busy routes.

ChristchurchNZ, the city’s economic development agency, is working in partnership with Canterbury Employer’s Chamber of Commerce to provide COVID-19 response services via the Government’s Regional Business Partner (RBP) network.

Through the RBP, business owners can access up to $5,000 per business from the Government’s COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund. For more information, visit their webpage(external link) or phone 0800 505 096.

Love Woolston, Shop Local

You may have also seen some ‘Open for Business’ and ‘Love Woolston, Shop Local’ posters hanging in shop windows around the village. If you would like some, you can either print them off from our website (external link)or contact Haidee to have some dropped off.

Road cones

Sometimes the way our cones and fences are set up doesn’t seem to make sense – especially when cones are blocking off much-needed business car parking.

However, we do it this way because we must abide by the legal requirements for using temporary traffic management, set out in the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM). These requirements are in place to keep all road users and workers safe.

Parking signs 

We've had a few businesses ask us for signage to direct people to their private parking. We prefer to direct people to the free public parking behind the community library, which can be accessed from Ferry Road and Portman Street, or to off-street parking on Glenroy Street, where they can access the shops via a temporary walkway.

This is so we don't clutter up the street with multiple parking signs, which could be confusing to drivers. We must also abide by the legal requirements for using temporary traffic management, set out in the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM), to keep all road users and workers safe.

On 14 March 2019 the Council decided to approve the recommendation of the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board to accept the final staff plan for the Woolston village centre improvements proposal, without change.

For more details, you can read the results of consultation.(external link)

You may have also seen some ‘Open for Business’ and ‘Love Woolston, Shop Local’ posters hanging in shop windows around the village.

If you would like some, you can print off our A3 posters [PDF, 99 KB].