Sorry we're in your way, we're completing minor repairs and maintenance work along Dyers Pass Road following safety upgrades last year. Expect short delays and allow extra travel time. Thanks for your patience.

Last year we wrapped up stage two of the Dyers Pass Road safety improvements, and mentioned that we would come back this year to complete some minor repairs and maintenance.

Starting on Monday 15 May 2023, we will be returning to undertake this tidy-up work. Traffic management will be in place so please factor in an additional travel time of 5-7 minutes, plus the normal travel time of ten minutes. 

We’ll be doing our best to minimise the disruption. If you’re planning to travel on Dyers Pass Road during this time, please factor in an extra 5 - 7 minutes plus the normal travel time of ten minutes. Alternatively, please use the Lyttelton tunnel or Gebbies Pass until the work is completed in late June.

Our contractor will be doing their best to minimise the disruption. People travelling on Dyers Pass Road should factor in an extra 5-7 minutes plus the normal travel time of ten minutes. 

The Lyttelton tunnel or Gebbies Pass is an alternative route until the work is completed in late June.

Due to the narrow road and limited space to work, traffic will be down to one-lane in areas where we are working. Stop/go traffic lights will be operated manually by a member of the team on-site. Delays of between 5-7 minutes should be expected if travelling on Dyers Pass Road between Monday 15 May and late June. 

Traffic management will be set up and packed down between 6am – 7pm, Monday - Friday, and once a section is completed, the cones will be moved to the next location. Work at each site should take around two - three days, weather depending, with work expected to wrap up in late-June.

We're working on various sections of Dyers Pass Road. In the areas where we're working, there will be one-way access for traffic. 

We'll be using manual stop/go signals which are controlled by a person on-site who will be keeping an eye on everything. A 30km/h speed limit will be in place through our work areas.

The work will include inspections and minor repairs and maintenance in the areas where we worked during stage two of the safety improvements, which is standard within the one-year post-construction period.

We’ve also timed the work to combine with maintenance activities along the route, such as tree trimming and road sweeping, so it can all be completed under one set of traffic management to avoid future disruption.

We’re here to help. Let us know if you have any questions about the work or have any access needs we should know about.

Please phone Higgins Contractors on 027 227 5849.

To find out the status of the road at any time, call Higgins on 027 227 5849.

You can also email us at

Thanks for your patience while we complete this work.