Sign of the Kiwi to Bowenvale valley

This is a great ride with loads of cross country and down hill variety – and also a good value ride if you've exerted yourself and biked up from the bottom.

Start: End of Flying Nun just off the Summit Road.

Finish: Bowenvale car park.

Access: Park or ride to the Sign of the Kiwi and bike 100m west along Summit Road, turn right onto start of track. The first section of track is named Old Dyers Pass track.

Signage: At the start near the Sign of the Kiwi car park.

Description: The ride begins on a single track that traverses under Dyers Pass Road and merges with a 4WD track.

Continue for 1km before you cross the Summit Road and make your way into Victoria Park.

Follow the road to the right for 400m before turning left onto a 4WD gravel track into Bowenvale Valley.

Note: Control your speed in Bowenvale Valley. It's often busy with walkers and runners.