From 12 March 2016 the speed limit for the heart of Christchurch's CBD will change to 30km/h to provide safer, more user friendly and enjoyable ways for people to travel.

30km/h Central City speed limit area

30km/h Central City speed limit area

The speed limit applies to the area bounded by, but does not include, Kilmore, Madras and St Asaph streets. Victoria Street and sections of Colombo Street are also included.

The reduced speed limit will provide a safer transport system along with more accessible central city streets for everyone to travel, work and shop. The 'Share an Idea' campaign highlighted that safe CBD streets for all forms of travel are important to Christchurch residents.

With speeds reduced improved conditions can be provided for all inner city travellers, like the recently completed sections of Tuam Street and Colombo Street.  Traffic signals on the one-way system will be co-ordinated to support the 30km/h speed limit.

The 30km/h speed limit sits under the umbrella of An Accessible City, the transport chapter of the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan(external link), and is a permanent amendment to the Christchurch City Council Speed Limits Bylaw 2010 under the CER Act 2011(external link)