To increase security and safety in the Residential Red Zone, we will soon be restricting public vehicle access to roads that are no longer occupied.

Existing temporary barriers in the Residential Red Zone are being replaced with new stronger road barriers over six weeks starting on 15 March 2016.

Restricting vehicle access and lighting will provide safety for pedestrians, cyclists and people living in or adjoining the Red Zone and the likelihood of criminal and anti-social activity will decrease. It will also be a deterrent to rubbish dumping. 

Closing and taking out of service unused roads which are in poor condition (e.g. prone to flooding, major pot holes and very uneven surfaces etc) will provide safer driving conditions.

Traffic will continue to have full access through the Red Zone on fully serviced main arterial and collector roads. A reduced-level of road access will remain for residents in the Red Zone.

The design of the barriers allows for pedestrian, cyclist and emergency and maintenance vehicle access. Closed roads will remain fully lit.

Council staff will be visiting Red Zone residents within the next six weeks to talk in more detail about services, including road access.

Council are working with Land Information New Zealand to undertake the road closures.