Christchurch City Council is partnering with the following organisations on the rebuild of our city.

Prime Minister John Key presenting the Recovery Update speech


Company details  Role
Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT)
SCIRT: has been set up to deliver the rebuild.

Regenerate Christchurch

Regenerate Christchurch is a new entity, established to lead regeneration activities across greater Christchurch. We’ll be working with the community, iwi, businesses and local groups in key areas of the city.

Earthquake Commission (EQC) EQC provides natural disaster insurance for residential property, administers the Natural Disaster Fund, and funds research and education on natural disasters and ways of reducing their impact.
Transport for Christchurch A website developed to assist road users in Christchurch find the quickest and safest route around the city.
Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy

The Strategy and Action Plan outline the steps and actions required to create the future for Greater Christchurch desired by the community. Guiding Principles and Strategic Directions support the overall vision for the Greater Christchurch area.