The Old Stone House, an historic building nestled at the foot of the Port Hills, is to be restored.

stone house

In 2014 the Council announced it was committing funding to the repair and strengthening of the facility. 

The Old Stone House was built in 1870 by Sir John Cracroft Wilson to house his servants. Partially destroyed by fire in 1971, it was rebuilt by the community in 1979. 

The amazing gardens and interesting architecture made it a much-loved and used community facility for meetings, craft groups, clubs and as a premiere wedding and function venue before its closure after the February 2011 earthquake.

The building is currently only at 15 percent of New Building Standard (NBS), meaning it is considered earthquake-prone and needs extensive repairs and strengthening. The facility will be repaired and strengthened to 67 percent of New Building Standard.

The work includes installing new diaphragm walls and roof connections, deconstruction and reconstruction of the chimneys, replacement of the stone lintels and sealing the concrete walls and foundations with pressure injected epoxy.

The 14-month to project to repair and strengthen the Old Stone House is to be completed in November 2017.