On 27 September 2007, the Christchurch City Council adopted its Sustainable Energy Strategy for Christchurch 2008–18.

The strategy is the first comprehensive energy action plan to be adopted by a local authority in New Zealand.

Council’s vision for Christchurch is that our energy supplies come from renewable sources and the city’s energy systems are affordable, efficient and secure, ensuring long term sustainability and net zero impact on climate, local environment and public health.

Council has already achieved significant results in energy-efficiency and renewable energy. It is a recognised leader in this field in New Zealand and the only non-European member of the European Association of Energy-wise Cities. Christchurch is seen as a city that shows responsible leadership using the best sustainable energy practices and does its part in the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Council seeks to work with the people of Christchurch and other energy stakeholders to reach the vision of a sustainable energy future for the city. Success in the implementation of our local strategy will complement the New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy(external link).

In 2015, the Council adopted the Christchurch Energy Action Plan 2015.