This strategy brings together the views of various businesses and agencies in the region to identify ways to optimise our economy.

This is so that by 2031 Christchurch has a higher quality of life, better income, greater employment and is a vibrant and growing city attracting people from around the globe.

Christchurch Economic Development Strategy 2014(external link) 

This Strategy was developed by Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC) and has been endorsed by the Council.  It attempts to capture and represent all projects in the region that return economic development outcomes to the city. It recognises the relationship between the regional economy and the city, in particular the agriculture sector. It lists the new projects currently being scoped, the projects under way, and identifies existing and new lead agencies for all of the projects that are key to the development of the economy.

Opportunities to improve the economy

The strategy has identified five large-scale opportunities which have the potential to step-change our economy:

  1. Maximising earthquake recovery opportunities
  2. Effective water resource management
  3. Improving productivity through innovation
  4. Successful central city design and build
  5. Increased import & export distribution networks

In addition, there is a longer list of development initiatives which are required to ‘Keep the City Competitive’ with other cities and regions.


Successful implementation of the Strategy’s ‘Big 5’ and ‘Keeping the City Competitive’ projects has the potential to place GDP 54% higher than it is today, by 2031.

Further information

For further information and the research used in the development of CEDS, please refer to the Background Christchurch Economic Development Strategy(external link)  which can be found on the CDC website. It provides the context and background for assumptions and decisions within the strategy describing the key attributes of the greater Christchurch economy and the drivers of economic growth.