The bus passenger shelters and seats policy was adopted by Council on 18 May 1993.

  1. That the following policy be adopted by the Council:
    1. Bus passenger shelters shall be provided, subject to the requirements of the Local Government Act, where there are 70 or more passengers per week boarding at a stop and where the infrequency of scheduled buses would mean that passengers may be required to wait more than 30 minutes for a bus.
    2. A bus passenger shelter may be provided when the number of boarding passengers and time between scheduled buses is varied by extenuating circumstances such as: the concentration of elderly persons housing or schools nearby, the exposure of the site, or proximity of a hospital or place of assembly.
    3. A bus passenger seat may be provided where a bus stop is located adjacent to a natural shelter, such as a shop verandah, or where a purpose built shelter cannot be provided.
  2. That the Traffic Manager administer the policy on the provision of bus passenger shelters and seats on behalf of the Council.