Council, 28 October 2000

1. That the scope of current Council's energy policies be expanded to include rental housing units.

2. That specific requirements to consider passive solar design and solar water heating be included in the Council's Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Assessment procedure.

3. That requirements of NZS4218: 1996 "Energy Efficiency - Housing and Small Building Envelope" be applied as a minimum energy efficiency benchmark for the design of new Council's rental housing units and retrofitting existing units.

4. That the Principal Environmental Officer, in co-operation with the Energy Manager, be asked to develop a scoring system for assessment that gives greater emphasis to the environmental impacts of different fuels.

28 October 2000

Note: NZS 4218: 1996 Energy Efficiency - Housing and Small Building Envelope. This standard is superseded. Current standards are: NZS 4218:2004 Energy Efficiency - Small Building Envelope; NZS 4218:2009 Thermal Insulation - Housing and Small Buildings.