Council, 26 July 2001

1. That the Council endorse[s] the EBex21 programme for the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity gain for the city, and through open space land being provided for the restoration of trees and shrubs in perpetuity as part of the Parks and Waterways works programme, in association with sponsors facilitated by Landcare Research.

2. That the Parks and Waterways Unit formulate[s] a strategy to prioritise suitable land for the EBex21 project.

3. That a report be prepared jointly between the City Council and Landcare Research Ltd on how the programme can be implemented to include indicators to measure the amount of carbon emitted by the Council.

4. That advice be given to the Council on how to proceed with businesses or groups who wish to plant trees to offset carbon outputs who wish to deal directly with the Council and not via EBex21.

26 July 2001