Council, 24 August 2000.

The Christchurch City Council is committed to enhancing the social wellbeing of its citizens and communities.


  • People participate in community life and have [a] sense of belonging and identity.
  • Living standards are sufficient to ensure everyone can meet their immediate needs, participate in society, develop their potential and live lives they find fulfilling.
  • Economic outcomes generate and distribute sufficient wealth for all.
  • All people, no matter age, race, gender, social and economic position or abilities, have opportunities to contribute to society and develop their potential.
  • Resources are fairly distributed among citizens, communities, regions and sectors.
  • The Treaty of Waitangi is honoured. Cultural diversity is respected.
  • People and communities participate in decision making and political processes.


  • engage citizens and communities
  • enhance community participation
  • ensure fair distribution of resources
  • increase meaningful work
  • reduce barriers to access
  • reduce disparity
  • respect the Treaty
  • respect cultural diversity
  • support community infrastructure.