Council, 23 September 1998.

Policy Statement

The Christchurch City Council is committed to proactively promoting equitable access for all children and their families/whanau to quality early childhood education in Christchurch. Priority will be given to the least advantaged and those with special needs or abilities.


  • Improved services for children and their families/whanau through increased opportunities and choices for children and their families/whanau.
  • Accessible early childhood education including cost, location and flexible hours.
  • Enhanced child well-being and development.
  • High level participation in efficient/effective early childhood education.
  • Improving the position of the least advantaged and those with special needs or abilities.
  • Meeting our communities' varying needs.
  • Safe, healthy and supportive environments.
  • Services that provide for cultural diversity.
  • Partnerships with our community, funders and providers of early childhood education.


  • children aged 0–6 years
  • parents and caregivers
  • people groups including ethnic and special interest groups
  • metropolitan Christchurch
  • local communities.


  • advocacy
  • co-ordination/facilitation
  • financial assistance for not for profit Early Childhood Education Centres
  • information and advice co-ordination
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • partnerships/Provider
  • planning
  • promoting awareness
  • research
  • seeking community views.