Council, 23 September 1998.

Christchurch City Council is committed to promoting the healthy, happy development of children to their full potential, both as children now and for the future well-being of our community.

The Christchurch City Council is committed to ensuring that its policies, planning and programmes impact positively upon the welfare and well-being of children/tamariki and their families/whanau.

The Christchurch City Council sees it as important to involve children and their perspectives, in planning as an input to its decision-making processes.

Scope - Children aged 0 to 13

Outcomes Roles for Christchurch City Council
A nurturing community Advocacy
Safe environment Co-ordinating 
Smart networking Partnerships and strategic management 
Strategic management Researching 
Effective partnerships  Seeking children’s views 
Equitable access to opportunities  Resourcing 
Improving the position of least advantaged  Supporting 
Participation in planning and voices heard  Educating 
Higher self esteem and positive world view  Monitoring and evaluating 
Improved services and resourcing  Visioning 
Opportunities to be heard  Raising awareness 
A future with hope Emphasising positives