Council, 24 June 2010.

The following guidelines are to be used in the decision-making process relating to the placement of parking limit lines on roads in the city:

  1. The following guidelines be adopted as Council policy.
    1. Parallel and angle kerbside parking spaces to be individually marked in areas controlled by parking meters or parking coupons
    2. All angle parking spaces to be individually marked on roads in the city. This is a legal requirement as motorists must park their vehicles parallel to the kerb face unless signs or markings indicate that angle parking is permissible
    3. Individual parking spaces may be marked on arterial or other roads within shopping centres where parking (P30, P60 etc) restrictions apply. If there are benefits to traffic management (including the marking of cycle ways) along arterial roads, parking limit lines may be extended to areas outside the restricted parking zone.
    4. As a matter of practice driveways are not to 'be individually marked with parking limit lines either side. However, in certain areas of the city where parking limit lines have been painted in the past to define driveways, consideration should be given to allowing them to wear out and not be repainted.
    5. Owners of property who have caused white lines to be painted on the roadway outside their business premise or residence are approached with a view to having the lines removed. All road markings on roads under the Council's control must be duly authorised by delegated authority from the Manager at the time who has responsibility to the roading asset owner.
  2. That Community Boards be given the delegated authority to approve exemptions to the installation or maintenance of parking limit lines for private driveways where the proposed installation falls outside the Council policy.