Council, 28 October 1999.

  1. Footpaths exceeding 2.5m in width in residential areas shall be laid out with grass berms
  2. Footpaths of width 2.5m or less in residential areas shall be sealed full width
  3. In all commercial and industrial usage areas footpaths 3m or less in width shall be fully sealed
  4. Where high pedestrian traffic usage makes it very difficult to maintain a grassed berm, additional sealing shall be done by the Council
  5. In minor berm areas of 2m2 or less, situated between adjacent vehicle entrances or similar where it would be impracticable to form and maintain a grass berm the area shall be sealed provided that where the work is not part of full reconstruction or complete block resurfacing the cost shall be met by the resident
  6. Individual requests for removal of grit or sealed berm and replacement with grass be undertaken at Council's cost
  7. That this policy except item 6 be implemented in the following circumstances:
    (i) When full reconstruction of a footpath is being undertaken
    (ii) Where hotmix resurfacing of a path along an entire street block is being undertaken.