Council, 24 June 1999.

  1. That wooden battens be installed in conjunction with footpath resurfacing in the following situations: (i) Where the footpath or vehicle crossings are reconstructed. (No change to current procedures.) (ii) Where battens are required to give support to the footpath overlay. (No change to current procedures.)

  2. In streets where there is currently kerb and flat channel which is not scheduled for renewal for at least 20 years, additional battening be installed as below.

    (i) Where intermittent repairs are carried out along a residential frontage, the entire frontage be battened

    (ii) Where the edge of the existing footpath is cracked significantly and it is deemed that battens would lengthen the life of the ensuing overlay

    (iii) That existing rotten battens be replaced

    (iv) That a 15mm wooden strip be nailed to existing battens where practicable to retain the footpath flush with top of battens after resurfacing

    (v) That any unmaintained service strip be sealed if battens are required to retain the edge where this is the most cost-effective option.

  3. In all other circumstances the resident may request and pay for footpath battens and/or the sealing of the service strip

  4. That the 18-year cycle of footpath resurfacing be maintained in accord with the Asset Management Plan.