Council, 26 June 1996.

The Christchurch City Council is committed to making a significant contribution to the quality of life of its residents, particularly its children and youth, by supporting a broad range of recreation and sport services, facilities and programmes.

In order to achieve the Council's mission, city plan objectives, and strategic objectives in recreation and sport, the Christchurch City Council has adopted the following policy.

Beliefs and values

The policy is based on the following beliefs and values:

  1. That participation in recreation and sport makes a significant contribution to the health, well-being and quality of life of the people of Christchurch.
  2. That recreation and sport makes a positive contribution to the local economy.
  3. That all people have the right to participate in recreation and sport regardless of age, ability, discretionary income, ethnicity, gender and geographical location.
  4. That the Council must manage its limited recreation and sport resources, including human, financial and physical assets, in a manner that ensures equity, efficiency and effectiveness.


The policy will be achieved by the Council adopting the following roles:

  1. Advocating on behalf of the community and community groups to local, regional and national service providers.
  2. Co-ordinating the provision of recreation and sport via the development of a city wide recreation and sport strategic plan.
  3. Monitoring and evaluating the provision of recreation and sport in Christchurch in accordance with the policy and strategic plan.
  4. Promoting:
      • The benefits of participation in recreation and sport.
      • Christchurch as a recreation and sports events city.
      • Opportunities for recreation and sport in Christchurch.
  5. Providing recreation and sport information and advice.
  6. Providing funds for community groups via grants, subsidies, loans and contracts.
  7. Providing services, facilities and programmes where there is a proven need and no other provider exists.
  8. Researching existing and future needs and trends in recreation and sport.
  9. Working in partnership with other providers wherever viable.


The policy outcomes sought are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Children, youth, people with disabilities and people on limited incomes are aware of, have access to and are increasing their participation in a broad range of recreation and sporting activities.
  2. Christchurch residents are aware of and have access to a broad range of recreation and sporting activities.
  3. Christchurch is widely recognised for hosting successful local, regional, national and international recreation and sports events and festivals.
  4. Consultation with the Christchurch community, recreation and sport participants and service providers is ongoing and effective.
  5. Physical assets meet the identified and viable recreation and sport needs of Christchurch and minimum legal standards.
  6. Recreation and sport is making a positive contribution to the city's economy.
  7. Research into the existing and future recreation and sport needs and trends of Christchurch is ongoing and findings are taken into account in the planning and provision of all services, facilities and programmes.
  8. Resources are allocated and services, facilities and programmes are delivered efficiently, effectively and equitably.
  9. Services, facilities and programmes meet the recreation and sporting needs of the Christchurch community, particularly its children and youth, and also its people with disabilities and people with limited incomes.
  10. Services, facilities and programmes complement and enhance the city's unique character and environment.
  11. Volunteers are acknowledged and supported.


Services supported by Council are prioritised annually, in light of the policy outcomes, as part of the Annual Planning process.

The allocation of resources to the higher priority services is considered before resources are allocated to the lower priority services.

The following services are to comply with the policy outcomes in their development and delivery.

Services are prioritised by the Council as follows: (In alphabetical order)

First priority (More than 90 per cent support)

  • Advocacy services for community groups and the Christchurch community
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Cycleways
  • Esplanades
  • Festivals
  • Financial assistance to clubs and organisations
  • Indoor stadium
  • Parks
  • Programmes for children, youth, people with disabilities and people on limited incomes
  • Recreation and sport information, research, advisory and promotion services
  • Sports grounds
  • Swimming pools.

Second priority (Between 70 per cent-89 per cent support)

  • Clubroom development
  • Creches at Council facilities
  • Community facilities
  • Sports events
  • Artificial sports surfaces.

Third priority (Less than 46 per cent support)

  • Boat marinas
  • Camping grounds
  • Driving ranges
  • Fitness centres
  • Golf courses.