Council 2 November 1993

That the following policy be accepted for the naming of roads and rights of way.

  1. Proposed names are to be submitted with the application for subdivision consent.
  2. Reference is to be made to a current street list of Christchurch when selecting names to avoid duplication.
  3. The Developer or Consultant is to consult with the Subdivision Planning Officer (Civic Offices) before submission for an initial check on names.
  4. To avoid repeating the whole process, several names should be submitted for each proposed road or right of way in case of rejection. The names to be listed in order of preference.
  5. A background to the names, their origins and their link with the area is to be supplied.
  6. Where more than one road is being created in a subdivision, a common theme is recommended for the names.
  7. Names are to be chosen in proportion to the length of the road. Long names on short culs-de-sac can be very difficult to display on a map.
  8. Where a road or right of way name is requested to be changed, a minimum of 85% of residents and owners must give their consent to the change.
  9. All new private rights of way are to be called `Lane'.
  10. All new residential complexes of sufficient size to warrant the allocation of a name are to be called `Courts'.
  11. Where a street nameplate is required, the standard Council nameplate shall be erected.
  12. When a development company has erected its own ornamental nameplate, in addition to the Council nameplate, and that ornamental nameplate is damaged or stolen, then the Council shall not be responsible for the repair or replacement of that nameplate.
  13. Personal names are to be discouraged unless the name submitted has an historical connection with the property being subdivided, or that of a well known local identity or prominent Cantabrian, or New Zealander.
  14. It is the Council's prerogative to name streets and the Council may refuse to approve names considered unsuitable for any other reason.