Council, 25 March 1998.

Please note that this policy is superseded by the Outdoor Dining in Public Places Policy from 1 February 2024.

  1. That the Council adopt[s] the view that in the central city use of extension of outdoor seating and tables onto the footpath/roadway be encouraged
  2. That the following criteria be used as guidelines in determining applications:
  1. The site not being on an arterial road.
  2. That there be no stopping, taxi stands, or short term parking restrictions at the site.
  3. It should be directly related to the activity carried out in the adjacent business.
  4. There is no conflict with the immediate neighbouring land uses or with the historical character of the building or area.
  5. That the site is suitable climatically (has a northerly or westerly orientation).
  6. That there will be no interference with the safe and convenient movement of pedestrians.
  7. The development is not one that would detract from the immediate streetscape of that section of road.
  8. The building associated with the extension has appropriate facilities to cater for the extra customers, including sufficient accessible toilets, with prominent signage.
  9. A bond be paid to allow for the future removal of the extension.
  10. The rental be based on a market value of each square metre and paid on a quarterly basis in advance.
  11. The works associated with the extension be designed to meet the requirement of the City Streets Unit.
  12. If a liquor licence is to be issued then the Council reserves the right to withdraw the licence to occupy road space on the basis of non-compliance with the conditions and that this power be delegated to either of the Environmental Services Manager or the City Streets Manager, severally.
  13. The conditions of the licence will vary according to the size, the sale of liquor and location.
  14. Construction costs to be met by the owner, unless incorporated as part of an approved Council project.