Council, 27 March 2008.

  1. i. That as a general policy all elected member and staff international air travel be by way of economy class, where the costs of the fares are met by the Council
    ii. That no unnecessary expenses be incurred in the course of such travel
    iii. That all travel be planned in advance.
  2. That, in the case of elected members, exceptions to this policy require the approval of the Council where business class air travel is desirable for health or other compelling reasons
  3. The Council to authorise the attendance of only one or two elected members unless there are special circumstances
  4. All travel and accommodation arrangements to be made by appropriate staff with the Council's preferred travel agents at the most economic cost available at the time of booking unless travel costs are being met by an outside party
  5. As staff would normally be expected to accompany elected members, approval for sole elected member travel to be given only in special circumstances
  6. The travel expenses to be reported to include travel, accommodation, incidental expenses and conference registration
  7. A report to be submitted to the Council on the Council-funded component of the travel and the findings and benefits to the Council
  8. That the Council authorise the payment of the associated travel, accommodation and incidental costs for the Mayoress to enable her to accompany the Mayor on overseas trips, where appropriate.

Note: For further information on attendance at conferences, courses, seminars and training programmes etc. please refer to the Schedule of Elected Members Allowances and Expenses as approved by the Remuneration Authority. Contact: Council Secretary.