Council, 23 August 1995.

The Council support[s] the progressive renewal of the older residential parts of the city to standards appropriate in today's environment.

The Council's role in this renewal be to:

  • Provide a policy framework (through the City Plan) with which private investment, renovation and renewal of housing, can take place with confidence.
  • Ensure that the basic infrastructure of roading, utility services and open spaces can meet the changing needs and patterns of development.
  • Ensure the public streets and parks are designed and rebuilt to be attractive and safe.
  • Promote innovation in the design and layout of new housing.

The Council's role in housing for urban renewal purposes (as distinct from social purposes) to be limited to small scale (4-10) units, developments that demonstrate innovative approaches to layout and design and are capable of individual sale or rental.

That the social impact of urban renewal be monitored, and be taken into account at the planning and development stage and that consultation be maintained with neighbourhood groups.

The following techniques and approaches be applied where appropriate:

  • To give support to community based initiatives such as the formation of residents' associations and community houses.
  • To give some assistance to owners of older houses including design/architectural/landscape assistance and the donation of trees.
  • The purchase of new areas of open space in areas which are deficient, and the upgrading of existing open spaces and reserves.
  • The "traffic calming" of local residential streets.
  • The reconstruction of older style streets, including new footpaths, kerbs and channels, grass berms, street trees and the undergrounding of overhead services.
  • The removal of non-conforming uses causing nuisances and inhibiting renewal.

That at any one time, the Council's urban renewal programme be concentrated in one or two areas, in order to make recognisable impacts over short periods of time.

That Neighbourhood Improvement Plans be used to assist with the identification of areas and projects for implementation under urban renewal programmes.