Council, 26 June 1993.

The Council has adopted the following policy with regard to regional consents:

    1. The role of the Canterbury Regional Council in managing the city in respect to resource management matters as set out below, be acknowledged
      • Integrated management of the natural and physical resources of the region as a whole
      • Effects of the use, development and protection of land which are of regional significance
      • The control of the use of land for the purposes of soil conservation, quantity and quality of water bodies and coastal water
      • Avoidance and mitigation of the effects of natural hazards and hazardous substances
      • The coastal marine area
      • The taking, use, damming and division of water
      • The control of the water quality, levels and flows
      • The discharge of contaminants into air, land or water
      • Planting within water bodies.
    2. The City Council takes a full part in workshops, discussion groups and project teams as appropriate, to assist the Regional Council in preparing Regional Policy Statements and Plans
    3. Notwithstanding (b), the City Council notes the right to undertake further discussions or make formal submissions, as appropriate, on regional policy and plans. These matters to be considered by the Council on the recommendation of the Environmental Committee, on matters of Policy, and be delegated to the Environmental Committee on matters of rules within policies and plans.
    4. The City Council make submissions on individual notified regional land use consents and water, discharge and coastal permits, where:
      (i) There are special matters of metropolitan significance, or
      (ii) Applications may have effects on Council drainage, waste and water supply operations, or
      (iii) There are special matters of importance to the local community or local environment, or
      (iv) There are technical skills or knowledge which the Council can contribute to achieving a better outcome for the community.


    1. That pursuant to section 34(1) of the Resource Management Act 1991 the Council delegate to the Environmental Committee the power of the Council to make submissions on rules for any proposed regional policy statements, regional plan, or any changes or variations to the deemed or proposed Regional Plan
    2. That pursuant to section 34(4) of the Resource Management Act 1991 the Council delegate:
      (i) To the Environmental Policy and Planning Manager the power to make submissions in relation to paragraph (d)(i), (iii) and (iv)
      (ii) To the Waste Manager and the Water Services Manager severally the power to make submissions in relation to paragraph (d)(ii) above.