The Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) will give Christchurch people greater influence over when, where and how alcohol is sold in the city.

The Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA) will hear appeals to the Council’s amended provisional LAP. A hearing date is yet to be set by ARLA.

Amendments to the provisional Local Alcohol Policy

A photo of some alcoholic beverages

On 29 September 2016, the Council reconsidered elements of the provisional LAP and agreed to make some changes. The Council is proposing:

  • New maximum trading hours of 7am to 10pm for off-licences, a change from 9am to 9pm. 
  • Extending the boundaries of Christchurch Central Area A (which allows for maximum 3am closing for on-licences) to include two parcels of land fronting High St and the section of Victoria St south of Salisbury St. In the notified PLAP that land was in an area with a maximum 1am closing.
  • A maximum 3am closing for on-licences for a three-year transitional period for the section of Victoria St north of Salisbury St and including Carlton Corner, with a 1am closing thereafter. In the notified provisional LAP this area had a maximum 1am closing. [PDF, 114 KB]

The Council is proposing some other changes to the provisional LAP, which are shown in the amended provisional LAP. A separate table explains the proposed changes and the reasons for them. 

Read the amended provisional Local Alcohol Policy [PDF, 114 KB] 

Table of changes to the PLAP [PDF, 26 KB]

Other key elements of the provisional Local Alcohol Policy

Opening hours (maximum)


  • 8am-1am the following day for all on-licensed premises outside Christchurch Central Area A
  • 24 hours a day for on-licensed hotels when selling to their lodgers
  • Maximum trading hours for special licences can be up to 24 hours per day.

A map of central Christchurch outlining the alcohol policy zonesCentral City

  • 8am-3am the following day for on-licences (including club licences) in the Christchurch Central Area A shown in red on the map
  • 5pm-4am for night-clubs in Christchurch Central Area A
  • 8am-1am the following day for on-licences (including club licences) in the Christchurch Central Area B shown in blue on the map.

New licenses

  • No new off-licences to be issued for bottle stores or taverns in residential zones.

Discretionary conditions

The District Licensing Committee can impose a range of discretionary conditions such as:

  • requiring additional security staff after a prescribed trading hour
  • installation and operation of CCTV cameras on the exterior of and within premises
  • effective exterior lighting
  • restrictions on the size (e.g. doubles) and time of ‘last orders’
  • the management of patrons queuing to enter premises
  • one-way door restriction at any on-licensed premise and for any special licence.

Hearing on appeals against the provisional Local Alcohol Policy

Submitters to the draft Local Alcohol Policy in 2013 can now apply to ARLA to appear at the hearing and give evidence as an interested party on one or more of the elements of the provisional LAP that are being changed.

To find out about this process, contact ARLA by phone on 04 462 6660, email or by post at:

The Secretary
Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority
Tribunals Unit
Private Bag 32 001
Featherston Street
Wellington 6146

A copy of your application must be sent to Christchurch City Council by emailing

Development of the provisional LAP

The provisional LAP, enabled by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, aims to minimise alcohol related harm in the city and ensure the sale, supply and consumption of alcohol is undertaken safely and responsibly.

A draft LAP was developed in 2013, following discussions with Police, Medical Officer of Health, licensing inspectors, Community Boards, health groups and hospitality representatives. The Council also conducted a community survey, asecond survey targeting youth and carried out other research.

Using the special consultative procedure, the Council received 4,060 submissions on what it proposed in the draft LAP.

The LAP was publicly notified in mid-2015, with submitters able to lodge appeals to ARLA. Following resolution of any appeals, the Council will be able to adopt its LAP for the district.

The Local Alcohol Policy Hearings Committee Report 2013 [PDF, 208 KB] contains an outline of the Council's reasons for the provisions in the provisional LAP.

Public Notice Published in The Press on Saturday 6 June 2015 [PDF, 65 KB] 

Christchurch City Council's provisional Local Alcohol Policy [PDF, 381 KB]