The Master Plan for Linwood Village will help Linwood recover to become a lively urban village, colourful, diverse and eclectic – the heart of the community.

artist's impression of street sceen in Linwood Village

Linwood Village Master Plan [PDF, 4.8 MB] 

About the plan

The plan provides a way to create a new place full of colour, life and energy, truly reflecting the character of the people who make this place their home.

Delivering the plan

Since the Master Plan was adopted, work has begun on the implementation of Council-led actions. Funding has been secured for streetscape and movement improvements in the Village. There will be further engagement with the local community and affected businesses over these improvements, once detailed design work is completed.

Plan development process and timeline

date stage actions
 July 2011  Project set-up

The project set up stage included:

  • assessment of earthquake impacts
  • confirmation of project scope
  • identification of key stakeholder
August 2011 Research and information gathering

Focus group sessions were held with various affected groups and residents. Sessions identified key issues to be considered in the recovery and
rebuild of Linwood Village.

September 2011 Design and feasibility testing The Council held an “Inquiry by Design” workshop involving technical experts, to find the best ways of addressing issues and suggestions raised in the community sessions
September to December 2011 Prepare draft Master Plan

A master plan was drafted and endorsed by the Community Board. The Council approved the plan for public consultation.

December 2011 Consultation

Public consultation was held with the opportunity for residents to make submissions on the draft plan. A total of 36 submissions were received.

January to May 2012 Follow-up investigations Submissions were analysed. Council endorsed the Community Board recommendation to hold a submitter’s workshop instead of formal hearings
  Revisions to draft Discussions at this workshop were used to inform amendments to the draft master plan. Further analysis and design work by Council staff was fed into the final version of the plan.
August 2012 Adoption by Council The final Master Plan was adopted by the Council on 23 August 2012

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