The earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 caused varying degrees of damage and disruption to a number of commercial centres across the city. The Council’s Suburban Centres Programme provides coordinated planning and assistance to help with the rebuild and recovery

Following consultation with the Community Boards, the Council approved the Suburban Centres Programme in June 2011. The Programme consists of two work streams:

  • Master Plans
  • Case Management.

Master plan process

Master plans look at the suburban commercial centre as a whole and its links to nearby activities or attractions. Master planning is only suitable for some centres, depending on the extent of damage; the size, catchment and layout of the centre; and particular opportunities that may exist to improve the functioning or layout of the centre.

Master plans are a collaborative effort involving the Council, community boards and local stakeholders, including business property owners and operators, central and regional government agencies, community groups (such as social and environmental groups), local residents, Iwi and any other organisations that have a stake in the local community.

Case management

Case managers have been assigned to other suburban commercial centres where the centre has suffered some earthquake damage. Underpinning case management is the Council's desire to encourage a collaborative approach between the Council (and its various units), business property owners and other support agencies (for example, Recover Canterbury) for earthquake repair and rebuild.