The Draft Long Term Plan 2015-2025 contains the documents used for public consultation.

Summary of submissions

Summary of submissions [PDF, 5.9 MB] on the 2015-25 Draft Long Term Plan and staff responses. This was considered by Council on 23-24 June 2015.

Consultation document

The Long Term Plan Consultation Document [PDF 4.57MB] explains the Council proposals for handling significant issues facing the city.

Draft Long Term Plan 2015-2025

These documents contain all the background information that makes up the Long Term Plan.

Volume 1

Draft Long Term Plan Volume 1 [PDF 8.78MB] 


Financial Strategy [PDF 794KB]
Financial Prudence Benchmarks [PDF 1.2MB]
Infrastructure Strategy [PDF 3.61MB]
Funding Impact Statement [PDF 308KB]
Financial Overview [PDF 254KB]
Rating Policy [PDF 177KB]
Community Outcomes [PDF 88KB]

Activities and Services:

Arts and Culture [PDF 213KB]
Economic Development [PDF 269KB]
Flood Protection [PDF 225KB]
Heritage Protection [PDF 180KB]
Housing [PDF 197KB]
Natural Environment [PDF 188KB]
Parks and Open Spaces [PDF 250KB]
Refuse Management and Disposal [PDF 232KB]
Regulation and Enforcement [PDF 280KB]
Resilient Communities (including community grants) [PDF 364KB]
Roads and Footpaths [PDF 195KB]
Sewerage [PDF 239KB]
Sport and Recreation [PDF 261KB]
Stormwater Drainage [PDF 206KB]
Strategic Governance [PDF 193KB]
Strategic Planning [PDF 219KB]
Transport [PDF 253KB]
Water Supply [PDF 229KB]
Corporate Activities [PDF 95KB]
Capital Programme [PDF 192KB] 
Lists of Priority 1 and 2 community facilities included in the Capital Programme
(Note: Priority 2 projects are included in the draft Capital Programme - Facility Rebuilds [PDF 192KB]- item 19590)
Financial Statements [PDF 338KB]
Statement of significant accounting policies [PDF 173KB]
Significant forecasting assumptions [PDF 167KB]

Volume 2

Draft Long Term Plan Volume 2 [PDF 2.42MB]


Significance and Engagement Policy [PDF 259KB]
Revenue, Financing and Rating Policies [PDF 410KB]
Treasury Risk Management Policy [PDF 241KB]
Council Controlled Organisations [PDF 479KB]
Fees and Charges [PDF 692KB]
Development of Maori capacity to contribute to Council Decision Making Processes [PDF 78KB]
Variation between the Long Term Plan and assessment of Water Services [PDF 69KB]
Reserves and Trust Funds [PDF 132KB]
Capital Endowment Funds [PDF 100KB]