Little River Big Ideas is a plan produced by the Little River community.

It outlines a range of important issues that the community faces as well as its aspirations for the future. As a plan of action, its 'Big ideas' contain a range of activities and initiatives that can be delivered by people working together in Little River, as well as projects that will draw upon the support of other agencies.

Download a copy of the Little River Big Ideas plan [PDF, 3.3 MB].

The plan

Little River Big Ideas is a plan prepared by local people in the community and is based on their ideas. Development of the plan has been enabled through funding and assistance from the Christchurch City Council. 

The document highlights the issues affecting the community and brings together the multiple aspirations, visions, and projects for the wider Little River area. Nine distinct themes have emerged, providing project ideas for the community to support and deliver.

The plan also provides information for external agencies, including the Christchurch City Council, to consider and plan for initiatives and investment in the area.

Download the summary presentation [PDF, 1.4 MB].

The area

The Plan covers the wider Little River area, including the town centre, Cooptown, Te Roto O Wairewa/Lake Forsyth, Okuti Valley, and the wider catchment of the many adjacent valleys.

The nine themes:

  1. Community activities, projects, and events
  2. Community facilities and services
  3. Little River Town Centre
  4. State Highway 75
  5. Other Local Road Improvements
  6. Recreation Tracks and Trails
  7. Te Roto O Wairewa/Lake Forsyth
  8. Waterways and Flood Management
  9. Water supply and wastewater infrastructure


Through multiple consultation events, the community came together to express their issues, ideas, hopes, and vision.

A living document was developed, outlining several projects for the community to support and develop further, a guide to development, and information for external agencies to consider when working in the area.

The Plan identifies multiple projects to give effect to the vision, and sets timeframes for these projects to be carried out.

Want to be involved?

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