Activities that put people at the heart of a vibrant Central City.

We've listed the projects relating to people along with the current status below. You can find out more in the full Central City Action Plan [PDF, 1.5 MB]

Our progress

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Our projects 

Activity Lead agencies
Consider free Central City car parking Council
National marketing campaign - Explore Ōtautahi ChristchurchNZ
Regional marketing campaign - Explore Ōtautahi ChristchurchNZ
Local promotion Explore Town - simplified "What's On"(external link) Council/ChristchurchNZ
Local promotion Explore Town:  Linked "free stuff", ideas to help people "make a day of it" with events, visits Council/ChristchurchNZ
Local promotion Explore Town: "What's New" awareness raising Council/ChristchurchNZ
Local promotion Explore Town:  Integrated web content (parking, transport, access, etc.) Council/ChristchurchNZ
Deliver 2018/19 major/community events programme Council/ChristchurchNZ
Spin off activities around major/community events Council/ChristchurchNZ
Maximise use of indoor venues over winter Council/ChristchurchNZ/Vbase/Venues
Relocate shoulder/winter events into Central City venues (Ongoing) Council/ChristchurchNZ/Vbase/Venues
Attract/curate business events with national significance over winter (Ongoing) Council/ChristchurchNZ/Vbase/Venues
Visitor guides/tours/trails - cultural, heritage, cuisine - print, online resources (Ongoing) Various/Council/ChristchurchNZ
Customer-facing staff informed about events, activities to inform visitors (Ongoing) CCBA/Business
Project 8011 - Prioritise Public Realm Maintenance & Upkeep (Ongoing) Council/DCL
Activity Lead agencies
Single, cross-agency events calendar Council/ChristchurchNZ
International marketing campaign - Explore Ōtautahi ChristchurchNZ
Project 8011 -Residential development information portal  Council
Project 8011 - Funding opportunities, incentives, measures for residential developers/buyers DCL/Council
Project 8011 - One stop shop for Central City residential consenting process Council
Project 8011 - Market the Central City Council
Project 8011 - Encourage, support alternative housing approaches/projects Council
Project 8011 - Identify site development opportunities  Council
Project 8011 - Neighbourhood scale planning to encourage Central City living Council
Activity Lead agencies
Bundling transport options/bookings with event tickets Council/ChristchurchNZ
Free public transport for major events ECan
Curate Matariki/Winter festival Council/ChristchurchNZ/Vbase/Venues
Grow cultural events/festivals over the winter/shoulder season Council/ChristchurchNZ/Vbase/Venues
Central City adventures/activities, fitness trails, story-telling Various/Council/ChristchurchNZ
School visits, curriculum-based days out in the Central City Various/Council/Schools/Community
Weekend mini-basketball tournaments Various/Council/Schools/Community
Coordinated approach to optimise use of city venues Council/Vbase/Ōtākaro
Project 8011 - Residential site development investigation, data collection, evaluation, feasibility Council