Prosperous Economy

A range of national, regional and local economic and social attributes combine to make one place more attractive to do business than another. Christchurch has long had some advantages over other cities in the South Island and New Zealand, including being New Zealand's second largest city and being the gateway to the South Island.  But this not enough to build a sound economic future on. We need to make sure we attract investment, talent and buyers and build a future based innovation and prosperity.

Our success in doing this will depend to a large extent on how well and how positively we can differentiate ourselves as a great place for businesses to locate.

The monitoring information to follow provides an overview of how the council is doing in these areas. 

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Christchurch is a good place to do business

The city's unique environment has created business and employment opportunities in Christchurch that cannot be matched in other parts of the world.


Christchurch has a strong economic base

In order to remain competitive, it is critical that Christchurch's business sector is innovative and forward thinking.