Council, 1 December 2015

The purpose of this bylaw is to protect the environment and the public's health and enabling the Council to effectively regulate and monitor the collection, management, storage and deposition of cleanfill (environmentally safe waste) and other wastes.  The bylaw came into force on 1 December 2015.


The purpose of this Bylaw is to:

  1. Regulate and monitor operators collecting, managing, storing and using cleanfill and waste within the City through a licensing process;
  2. Protect, promote and maintain public health and safety;
  3. Provide comprehensive data and information for planning and waste management and minimisation purposes.


  • Interpretation
  • Cleanfill sites and waste operations require licensing
  • Licence applications
  • Licence terms and conditions
  • Handling requirements for waste operations
  • Review of decisions
  • Amendment of Schedule A
  • Christchurch City General Bylaw
  • Offence and penalty
  • Revocations and savings


The bylaw revokes and replaces:

  • Christchurch City Cleanfill Licensing Bylaw 2008
  • Licensed Waste Handling Facilities Bylaw 2007

Apply for a Cleanfill or Waste Handling Operations licence