Liveable city

Christchurch has a unique opportunity to rebuild its urban form in a way that enhances our lives.

A liveable city is one that provides its residents with attractive neighbourhoods, diverse communities and supports business growth and development.

Development should be undertaken in a manner that enhances residents' ability to access a wide variety of services and activities. A vibrant and thriving central city needs the support of the people living there.

Successful city centres are the engines of economic development and growth, and people are their heart and soul.

The monitoring information to follow provides an overview of how the council is doing in these areas. For more information about any of the the following email the Monitoring and Research Team at


Transport systems meet community needs

An integrated transport system is critical for ensuring Christchurch develops into a globally competitive city with an excellent quality of life.

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Strong central city

The central city provides the focus for economic, social and cultural activities that are important for economic growth and a strong city.

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Attractive and well designed urban environment

Well designed urban spaces, places, buildings and networks are essential building blocks for successful towns and cities.

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Development in well defined urban areas

Urban growth is influenced by population increase and economic activity that generates demand for land, buildings and structures.


A range and choice of housing

Housing demand is directly related to ever evolving population trends and characteristics.


Safe and reliable water supply

Water is essential to our social, economic, and cultural well being; it is critical resource for healthy communities.