Councillor for Hornby Ward.

Councillor for Hornby Ward, Jimmy Chen

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Jimmy Chen

Councillor for Hornby Ward, Jimmy Chen

About Jimmy

Jimmy Chen was born in Taiwan – his parents were from Sichuan, China. Jimmy and his family (wife and two daughters) immigrated to Christchurch in 1996. 

In Taiwan, he earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Commerce.

After 21 years in Christchurch, he is well-known in his community. Before being elected as a Christchurch City Councillor, he was a home tutor, tourist guide, interpreter, volunteer with Christchurch Citizens Advice Bureau, Trustee of Burnside High School, Chair of the Christchurch Intercultural Assembly, and a consulting member of the Canterbury Police Office Asian Consultants.

In 2010 Jimmy Chen was elected as a Christchurch City Councillor, and was re-elected in 2013 and in 2016. He is currently Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board member, Trustee of Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum Trust Board, Trustee of Riccarton Bush Trust Board, Trustee of Hei Hei-Broomfield Community Development Trust Board, Trustee of the Church in Christchurch Trust Board, and a senior Christchurch City Councillor in his third term. He is currently Chair of the Council's Multicultural Subcommittee as well as Chair of the Council's International Relations Working Group.

Jimmy Chen is a strong advocate for the people in the South-West suburbs of the city as well as an advocate for the multi-ethnic and multicultural communities.

As a City Councillor, he led the Multicultural Working Party to develop the Multicultural Strategy, and the final version of this strategy was adopted by the Council in February 2017. This strategy is a commitment by the Council to provide a framework and a set of goals and actions to ensure every person in Christchurch feels a sense of belonging. And as Chair of the Multicultural Subcommittee, he is taking the lead to oversee the implementation of the Multicultural Strategy.

He actively participates in the various communities' events and activities.